The SPIRE verified assessment provides a comprehensive building assessment and rating to help owners, 运营商, 资产管理公司和开发商可以做出更明智的投资决策, 提高租户满意度,增加资产价值.

诺斯布鲁克,生病了. 阿灵顿,弗吉尼亚州.11月. 2, 2021 – UL,全球安全科学的领导者,以及 电信e世博网站首页 (TIA), the trusted industry association for the connected world, today launched the SPIRE™e世博网站首页验证评估. SPIRE is a comprehensive evaluation for smart buildings that provides an overall UL Verified SPIRE Smart Building Rating, 以及推荐性能改进的路线图.

获得UL认证的尖顶e世博网站首页等级, UL专家进行深入研究, on-site audit assessment of technologies and processes and follow-up with virtual meetings. 这个过程着重于六个关键, industry-driven building criteria categories that define the full scope of smart building performance. 其中包括电力和能源, 健康和幸福, 生命财产安全, 连接, 网络安全与可持续发展. 在成功评估之后, a building receives a UL Verified SPIRE Smart Building Rating and a plaque that displays the overall building performance score, based on the building’s performance across the six criteria categories of the SPIRE smart building assessment framework.

The Spire Smart Building Verified Assessment is part of the SPIRE Smart Building Program, 世界上第一个, 全面客观的e世博网站首页评估评级方案, 是由TIA和UL合作建立的. The SPIRE Smart Building Verified Assessment complements the existing SPIRE Self-Assessment, which empowers users to input building data in a secure browser-based application to gain insights into the current state of their building ecosystem. 自我评估和经核实的评估和评级, the SPIRE Smart Building Program provides an assessment of connected technologies within buildings, 提供见解, 基准和路线图,以帮助建筑业主或运营商降低成本, 降低风险, 创造品牌差异化,提升整体资产价值. SPIRE also provides a structured means to assess the design outcomes for and adoption of smart building technologies.

“The bottom line is that a smart building improves the value of the property and at its core is designed in comprehensive 连接,大卫·斯特林说, TIA的首席执行官.  “通过评估, validating and rating key building elements that take into consideration the entirety of a smart building, SPIRE可以同时帮助改善资产性能, ROI与租户关系.”

SPIRE was originally part of an overall initiative between TIA and UL to share commercial, technical and standardization insights to further their work in the smart buildings ecosystem. The SPIRE Smart Building Program includes assessment criteria input from the TIA e世博网站首页 Program Industry Working Group of more than 60 leading commercial real estate, 房地产投资信托, 资产管理, 技术和电信行业的领导者.

“Producing smart outcomes as part of a building’s digital transformation strategy requires a holistic, industry-defined assessment to measure and understand the entire building’s capabilities and progress over time,米娅·拉斯说, D物业经理.C.基于MRP物业. “It has been a pleasure to work with the TIA e世博网站首页 Program Industry Working Group and meet the top industry leaders who developed SPIRE’s assessment criteria. 作为市场上最全面、最全面的e世博网站首页评估, SPIRE helps identify new areas to invest in to increase both the smart building capabilities and, 更重要的是, 他们的财产的整体价值.”

UL’s Verified SPIRE Smart Building Rating comes at a time when businesses are assessing smart building needs for a return-to-work in light of COVID-19. Traditionally, smart buildings have focused on the impact they have on the environment and economy. 根据世界绿色建筑委员会, buildings constitute 36% of global energy consumption and are responsible for 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. Curbing energy use and automating temperature monitoring and lighting remain important. 然而, the pandemic has brought new priorities to building 运营商 looking for smart building systems to aid with tracking and tracing the virus among workers, 物理距离, 非接触式条目, 温度读数, 通风和气流等措施保证工人的安全. SPIRE assessments provide insight into smart building performance and also help communicate a commitment to the 健康和幸福 of its occupants.

随着员工重返职场, 运营商 overseeing smart building assets are looking for guidance to help better align new smart building technology adoption, 性能策略和操作效率,苏迪·辛哈说, vice president of Ecosystems and Service Development and SPIRE Smart Building Program lead at UL. “The SPIRE Smart Building Program does just that by providing insight to smart building technologies and outcomes while helping to empower informed decisions about where to focus technology, 构建增强和业务优化.”

有关SPIREe世博网站首页计划的更多信息,请访问 UL.com/SPIRE.




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