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SCS 9001: The First ICT-Specific Global Supply Chain Security Standard

With sophisticated supply chain cyber attacks on the rise, SCS 9001 is on an accelerated schedule to address the urgent need for an information and communications technology (ICT) specific standard for global supply chain security.

Scheduled to release later this year, the new process-based standard will be measurable and verify trusted ICT providers and suppliers for businesses, governments and consumers.

WHY SCS 9001

SCS 9001 is a process-based standard, built on top of a quality management system (QMS). Buyers benefit from assured consistent security across all products and services by using SCS 9001 certified suppliers, along with significant cost savings of on-site inspections. 更重要的是, the Registration Management System (RMS) provides regular performance data for analysis against industry benchmarks and objective product or supplier evaluations.

Suppliers profit by conformance to SCS 9001 standards, thus validating the security of product, services and customer care that they provide. It reduces the costs of security audits and helps create customized performance reports for current and potential customers.

ICT companies gain from cost efficiencies and improved relationships across the supply chain. The SCS 9001 certification guarantees that suppliers have a QMS that has been systematically audited by an independent SCS 9001 certification body.

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TIA 探索论坛 provides the Jump Start mentor program to help you understand and succeed in implementing and certifying your SCS 9001 registration. 要做到这一点, TIA 探索论坛 member companies provide subject matter experts to share information and experience which helps organizations begin their SCS 9001 journey.

The Jump Start Process

  1. 请求 Jump Start assistance
  2. In conjunction with the SCS 9001 representative, establish a time to meet with the team of SCS 9001 experts.
  3. Receive a free SCS 9001 Executive Overview either at your worksite or online.
  4. Learn about the tools available and strategies for efficient, successful implementation.

Jump Start Benefits

  1. Instructive overview of SCS 9001
  2. Access to SCS 9001 experts with implementation experience
  3. Continuing support from TIA 探索论坛 and SCS 9001 Experts
  4. Additional online resources

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SCS 9001 contains several unique requirements that are not present in other standards.